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Mark P. Smith has over 35 years of experience in the criminal justice field. As the owner of Expert Polygraph Testing, he has been assisting those accused of criminal charges, custody disputes, abuse allegations, sexual assault charges and matrimonial disputes. Mark offers comprehensive polygraph testing throughout the NJ and NY areas. You will not get a better administered test!

Mark P. Smith provides his expert lie detection services using the Stoelting CPS Pro Polygraph System. He will resolve your issue using the most technologically advanced lie detection system in the world. He specializes in criminal charges, sexual misconduct, theft, domestic violence, sex addiction, immigration issues and infidelity.

Polygraph Test


  • Have you been falsely accused of a theft, robbery, assault or a violent crime?

  • Are you having problems with your immigration status?

  • Do you suspect your spouse or partner of infidelity?

  • Do you have a client accused of domestic violence, child custody issues or one who was interviewed by the police?

  • Are you a sex addiction therapist wanting to ensure your patient is being truthful about their behaviors?


The Expert, Mark P. Smith

Mark P. Smith Owner

Mark P. Smith is a retired county prosecutor's detective and expert in the science of polygraph testing. He has conducted over 5,000 polygraph examinations covering virtually every topic including murder, sexual assault, arson, theft, fraud, infidelity and many others. He has acted as an expert witness in the areas of polygraph, child sexual abuse and criminal investigation. He has cleared hundreds of people accused or suspected of wrongdoing.

In 2019, Mark was honored with one of the highest awards in polygraph, the Cleve Backster Award, from the American Polygraph Association. The Cleve Backster Award is presented to individuals or groups “that advance the polygraph profession through tireless dedication to the standardization of polygraph principles and practices.”

In 2004, he was recognized for Outstanding Achievements, Dedication and Commitment in the areas of sex crimes and polygraph by the Morris County Prosecutor's Office. In 2003, the Morris County Detectives' Association awarded Mark with the prestigious Distinguished Achievement Award and named him Detective of the Year .

Mark appeared regularly on The Nancy Grace Show lending his expertise on polygraph testing. He also participated in discussions about stalking and "date rape" allegations and investigations.

Mark developed numerous training seminars on a variety of subjects. The topics include techniques to spot liars, effective interviewing and understanding sex offenders. He has presented these seminars to many groups including the United States Secret Service, county and local police officers, morale building clinics for corporations, parole and probation officers, DYFS, court personnel, doctors, nurses and security officers.

Our Seminars


Criminal Cases

Sexual Assault Accusations

Domestic Violence Complaints

Matrimonial Disputes

Sex Addiction Testing

Immigration Problems

Expert Witness

Custody Disputes

Infidelity Testing

Mark can consult with you on your criminal, civil or family court matters. No case is too big or too small, but every case is important because it concerns you! With his extensive knowledge and experience in sex offense and police procedure cases, he can help you prevail. If you are a defense attorney, criminal investigator, someone wrongly accused or a party to divorce or custody case, get someone in your corner who knows the system from both sides.

Mark also provides expert testimony on police interviews and confessions by analyzing cases, reviewing discovery, writing court reports and uncovering false allegations. Additionally, Mark works with sex addiction therapists to ensure that their patients make complete and accurate disclosures about their behaviors.

Proven Results

Mark P. Smith at Expert Polygraph Testing has conducted over 5,000 polygraph examinations over his successful career. Below are three sample cases in which his polygraph services cleared the people falsely accused of wrongdoing.

Case One

An individual was arrested and lodged in county jail on a first degree robbery charge. Two eye witnessed picked the individual out of photo line-ups and were “100%” certain he was the assailant. His attorney requested that a polygraph examination be administered by Mark. The accused passed the test prompting police to re-interview the victim. As a result, the actual assailant was arrested and the attorney’s client was released from custody.

Case Two

An individual was arrested on domestic violence-related charges for threatening their former spouse with a handgun. At the time of the arrest the handgun was found in the accused’s vehicle. After passing Mark’s polygraph test the spouse admitted they fabricated the assault and planted the gun in the accused’s vehicle.

Case Three

A county prosecutor's office dismissed 1st degree aggravated sexual assault charges against an individual after agreeing that Mark's polygraph cleared the individual.

Our Training Seminars

Mark P. Smith presents professional training seminars on a variety of topics to agencies and organizations. You can hire him to speak to your organization, whether it is a group of 10 or 200. The length of the training is flexible to your needs. Fees are extremely reasonable and can be tailored to fit your training budget. Three training seminars are currently offered: How To Spot A Liar, Winning the Interviewing War and Monsters Among Us. Below is a summary of each course.

How To Spot A Liar

People in all professions are constantly confronted with situations where they need to know the truth. Money, careers, reputations and more are often at risk when we are deceived. Unfortunately, studies repeatedly show that most people are bad lie detectors. We just don't know when people are lying to us. Even some professionals who critically need to know the truth such as judges, prosecutors, police, salespersons, psychologists, psychiatrists and others consistently score no better than chance (50%) in their ability to spot a liar. This training course will discuss:

  • A history of lying and the detection of deception
  • Modern lie detection
  • Listening skills
  • Forensic interviewing
  • The myths of lying debunked
  • How liars beat us
  • How liars are caught

By the end of the training program attendees will know the easiest, most effective way to spot a liar, they will have enhanced listening skills and they will be more successful, productive and effective at their jobs. The instructor is a retired detective, now a private investigator and polygraph examiner, who has interviewed and polygraphed hundreds of suspected liars and the wrongly accused.


Winning the Interviewing War

The ability to conduct an effective and successful interview is the single most important skill a business professional can have. Yet most professionals receive little or no training in this critical area. This training course will provide attendees with the tools necessary to "win the interviewing war." The following concepts will be discussed:

  • Planning your interview
  • Why we are not better interviewers
  • What is your subject thinking
  • Listening to understand
  • How to psychologically influence your subject and gain compliance
  • Theme development and use
  • Determining truthfulness
  • Why people tell the truth

By the end of the training program attendees will be better and more confident interviewers. They will understand the psychological forces at work and utilize them to gain compliance from their subjects. They will obtain more information in less time, thereby becoming more efficient and effective in their positions.


Monsters Among Us - Pedophiles and Child Abuse

Almost every day we hear of a new child sexual abuse scandal. But how many of us know what is behind those scandals? Who are these people who abuse children for sexual gratification? They are teachers, clergy, FBI agents and the guy next door. This graphic and compelling seminar will introduce attendees to the world of pedophiles, examining who they are and why they commit the crimes they do.

But instead of a dry, textbook approach, attendees will hear directly from offenders themselves, through written and audio statements and interviews. What they say will shock you. In addition, some of the literature and paraphernalia possessed and used by pedophiles will be examined first hand.

This is a multi-media presentation utilizes PowerPoint, audio and video tapes. The instructor, a retired detective and polygraph examiner, has spent the last 12 years interviewing and polygraphing sex offenders.



Mark P. Smith has presented professional training seminars to numerous agencies and organizations including the ones listed below. Contact Mark to customize a presentation specifically for the needs of your group.

  • United States Secret Service
  • International Association of Homicide Investigators
  • The Office of Attorney Ethics of the Supreme Court of NJ
  • DYFS
  • The Mid-Atlantic Great Lakes Organized Crime Law Enforcement Network (MAGLOCLEN)
  • The National Association of Parole and Probation Officers
  • The Probation Officers Association of New Jersey
  • The Institutional Abuse Investigation Unit
  • Court Administrators across NJ
  • Morris County Police Academy
  • The Sex Crimes Officers Association of New Jersey
  • Morristown Memorial Hospital
  • Dover General Hospital
  • St. Clare's Hospital
  • Overlook Hospital
  • Foster Parents
  • Elementary, Middle and High School Teachers, Counselors, Staff and Students
  • YMCA Staff

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